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United Blower, Inc. 

The premiere provider of blowers and engineering solutions for water and wastewater treatment

for compression of combustible gases (biological or natural)

Sliding vane compressor


- Cast Iron casing

- Carbon steel rotor

- Blades in light stratified spark-free material

- No metal-to-metal contact between driving & driven parts

- Flameproof electric motors

Our Advantages

- Unchangeable & High Efficiency

- Simple and Economic Maintenance

- Gas flow without pulsations (continuous)

- No need for storage tanks or gas dampers

- Internal protection during compression of biogas

Custom Specs (optional)

- Automatic condensate drain systems

- Local control panels

- Pneumatically operated or motorized for the unloaded compressor starting

- Closed circuit cooling systems for the cooling water - complete with water pump, storage tank, air-water heat exchanger and all related control & safety devices