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- The profile curve of the MSCB impeller is advanced. As a result, the overall efficiency of the blower is close to 80%.

- The casing and return channel have a unique design, which makes the flow smoother and simplistic.

- After strict dynamic balance the impeller achieves very low vibration and noise. Long-working life and high reliability is attained.

- The mechanical structure is advanced, with very few wearing parts. Installation, operation and maintenance is convenient and easy to follow.

- Adjusting capacity is convenient. When the blower is at the specified pressure it has a wide range of capacity suitable for various conditions.

- The MSCB is mainly used in the fields of sewage treatment, coal separation, furnace blasting, co-gen plants, oil refineries and printing. 

- The internals feature aluminum impellers which allows the transfer of many noncorrosive gases apart from air.

- Special internal materials including SST cast impellers, as well as coatings of the wetted parts, are available.

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