United Blower, Inc.      

The premiere provider of blowers and engineering solutions for water and wastewater treatment

Positive displacement blower

"Quiet Pulse" Package

- Tri-lobe blower featuring pulsation control channels

- Piston ring air and oil seals

- Helical Timing Gears

- B 10 bearing life of 100,000 hours minimum

- Common inlet filter/silencer

- Common base/discharge silencer

- Automatic V-belt Tension

- Sound enclosures with removable panels on 3 sides and hinged for easy access

Elevated Base Packages

- Built and perfected by UBI for 25 years

- Standard or Heavy Duty Blowers

- V-belt or direct driven

Flat Base Packages

- Large Horsepower (over 250 hp) packages

- Vibration isolation springs

- Inlet/discharge silencers mounted vertically off base

- Heavy Duty Blowers

- V-belt or direct driven


- Specifically designed for smaller systems (max hp: 15)

- Fiberglass base and a hinged weather proof cover

- Good prices, aesthetics, and functionality