United Blower, Inc.      

The premiere provider of blowers and engineering solutions for water and wastewater treatment

-Reduce noise-
-Give a clean, streamlined appearance-


Close-Fitting: 2" galvanized steel powder coated enclosures with foam or mineral wool and perforated liner.
Easy 3 sided access for maintenance.

(realistic noise reduction:  16 dbA)

Walk-In: Sturdy 4" wall, single or multiple blower package enclosures. Easy access for maintenance.
(up to 45' long, realistic noise reduction: 30 dbA)

Enviro-Pak: Smaller fiberglass base and cover enclosures (realistic noise reduction: 6 dbA/ foam lined 8 dbA)

Close-Fitting and Walk-In enclosures available in your choice of:
-Galvanized, powder coated steel panels
-Aluminum panels
-Stainless steel panels